This is a generator.
Generators cure writer's block.

Describe the texture of a pomegranate in 500 words

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Get unstuck

When you're stuck, you need less creative freedom, not more. Generators force creativity with specific tasks to get you creating.

This is a meal generator.
Generators make dinner interesting.


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Break mundanity

Repeating what's worked before is easy because you don't have to think. But repetition leads to staleness. Generators force creativity by thinking of ideas for you.

This is a company name generator.
Generators find combinations for you.

Grape Labs

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Permute anything

Generators permute and show every combination of a set of things so you can see every possibility.

This is a trend generator.
Generators surprise you with random concepts.

White is the new black

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Associate freely

Creativity comes from free association. Generators force creativity with the absurd and random. Generators are the new cat bag.

This is a Steven Seagal movie title generator.
Generators make clichés funny.

Quarter to vindication

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noun   |   cli·ché   |   \klē-ˈshā
Webster's dictionary defines cliché as "something that is so commonly used in books, stories, etc., that it is no longer effective."

Clichés are the opposite of creative. But they're funny as hell, and guess what can generate them?

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